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First Things First..

Hey Girl-friend!

If you’re reading these first 10 words then you might as well just go ahead and stop reading for 2 seconds, click here and subscribe to our email list because we’re friends now and like what friends don’t communicate? 

Whew…ok good! 

Now that we’ve came to a mutual agreement ☺

We can get into all the dramatics.

So you’re a girl right?. or you might identify as a girl. Whatever the case may be…whole point is, us girls love a good outfit, hair due, makeup slay, and cute nails. Well the girly girls do, I can’t too much speak for the tom-girls lol.


Even though I won’t lie…I can do both 😎…

BUT 96.789% of the time i’m a girly girl all day, and a lover of all things us “typical girls” love…like for example, the color pink 😁.

& another thing..just so you know when I say girl i’m not referring to a little child, well I am but not really. I’m talking to the inner girl in you. We all still have the inner child in us. 

Think back to when you were just a little girl, loving to play dress up. All in your mom’s or favorite aunt’s closet playing with whatever looked cute.

Or if not that, playing dress up with your dolls. Dressing them up or doing their hair, putting them on fake makeup (or real makeup, if you were sneaking into your big sister’s makeup)

My sister still doesn’t know I’m the one that took one of her favorite lipsticks to put on my doll. She was looking everywhere for it lol but shhh .. let’s not tell my business.


All of that still stands today. We still love getting dressed up and looking good. Especially nowadays for social media. You got to be on point! lol 

So now that we’re a little older, let’s just say we’re more… “Official”…. An Official Girl! Think of yourself as a more seasoned girl because you got all the flavor now..right? or maybe not..idk lol

Or could it be that have you always wanted to be the girly girl type but just didn’t know how to really step up your look?

You see all the fly girls on instagram and you’re sitting there like..”dang I wish I could dress like that!”


For one, know that you can have or look however you want & two….well that’s we’re here for! 

We’re gonna give you all the style tips & latest updates on all things fashion & beauty so that you’re never out of the loop… Since we’re all grown now (or somewhat grown) & got all this “grown-ish” stuff to do, I know it can sometimes be a little challenging to stay on top of everything.



By now if you’re still here reading this then you’ve already subscribed to our email list, because i’m almost sure you want us to fill your cup up with all the latest juice, so you can stay dripping in all the latest fashions honey!


But if not, then I guess we’re really not good girl-friends like I thought. 😢

Anywho..welcome to the Life of a Girl!

Stay Tuned,

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