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Blaze The Streets

Hey Girl,

So let me just put you up on game real quick..before it hits the masses.

*disclaimer* This is not for the people that already know how fashion “work”!

So if you’re still reading and you stay up to date on your fashion game then you might know that blazers are about to be kind of a big deal again. & well.. if you’re not aware then let me be the first to tell you.

& just in case you’re wondering (Yes, i’m talking about the jacket part of a “woman’s pant suit”.) 

But listen..

Blazers will never go out of style, but they do fizzle out for some people every now and then. If you’re not in corporate America or frequenting a place that you might wear one often, then chances are you don’t own one, or it’s the one piece of clothing that you barely wear. 

Sergio Hudson was one of few designers to show that blazers are always and will be a staple in fashion as he says “they will always be a part of my collections.” So while we might have forgot about them, and had them tucked away in the closet while we were tucked away in the house, he was planning on how he would be incorporating them in his next line

Social media fashion influencers are also creating a lot of fashion content surrounding blazers. So do you know what that means? Yep! It’s about to hit the masses, and everybody and they’re great auntie is about to be wearing one. So just about every store will be pushing blazers for sale and everyone will be rocking them. So don’t you wanna try and pull off some fly looks in your blazers before everyone else does? 

ok….yea that’s what I thought. 

SO go ahead and find you the perfect blazer and blazzzeee these streets girl.

BUT…Depending on where you are in the world right now, that might sound like suicide. Especially if you’re in florida like me, wearing a blazer might not even be a thought because we all know summer in florida has to be the closest representation of what hell would be like. 😅

But I would definitely say don’t let that stop you from rocking these blazers which you can wear interchangeably. Blazers are a staple piece to have in your wardrobe but sometimes even “staple pieces” hit that back of the closet because the season doesn’t call for it. But in this case “BLAZERS TO THE FRONT PLEASE!” 

If you have any blazers in the back of the closet collecting dust, pull them out or go get a new one!

Blazers are at the top of the list for perfect day and night switch up. Take that same blazer you wore as a pant suit for work and throw cute shorts with a crop top or bralette underneath, with some ankle boots for a nice ‘live after 5 experience’. Get inspired from the looks below and start piecing together a look for the gram. It’s sure to fire!


Sergio Hudson Fall 2021

Brandon Maxwell Pre Fall 2021

Brandon Maxwell Pre Spring 2022

Bronx and Banco



Those were just a few different blazers from designer to everyday brands just to get you a going. 
But if you’re looking for a quick cheap alternative to the blazers above check out this blazer from Amazon

Moral of the story….Get you a new blazer & make sure to sign up for our email list so you can be up to date & also be the first to know on what’s going on out here in these fashion streets.

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Oh & before I go, Check out style influencer on on instagram @iseesolange to see how she takes one blazer from a pant suit and style it 5 different ways.

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