BAG TREND ALERT! The Handmade Handbags You Might Want Before 2022 Ends

What’s a nice day out without a cute handbag? It’s almost a necessity to even step out the house. I know sitting at brunch with your phone, keys, and lipgloss in your hand is not a cute vibe, so a bag is a must. But not just any bag! Of course you can cope an ole Gucci, LV, or Michael Kors bag but now is kinda not the time. We got some other people to support because the girls are out here working their wrist with these crochet and beading needles.

If you’re a little confused about what i’m referring to then good, just sit back and chill so I can catch you up.

So of course, we all know that crocheting and beading are not new methods of making things as they’ve been around for centuries. But as always, history repeats itself…again.

With that being said, you should know that crochet and beaded bags are the bags to be carrying starting. . . . now! & even though summer is almost over, these bags will be hot for at least the next year.

Africa is really setting the tone and letting us in the U.S know that we need to catch up. If you browse through the #beadedbag hashtag on instagram you’ll see that Africa has the game on lock with these cute bags.

Just look at them!

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