The One Nail Trend That Will Have You Quacking Like A Duck

The One Nail Trend That Will Have You Quacking Like A Duck

Can you believe it’s back?

This is the one nail trend that might not be everyone’s cup of tea but somehow always finds its way back.

Yes! “Duck nails”!

If you’re not familiar with this nail shape, it made it’s first appearance in the early 2000s when flared jeans came back in style from the 70s. The Y2K nails were mimicking the jeans that everyone just had to have.

But if you’re just now seeing this shape for the first time and wondering where it came from let’s get into it.

MTVs Snookie from Jersey Shore was the first person seen wearing the flare shaped nails, which had grown to become what’s known as “duck nails”.

The flared shape nail has the same shape as duck’s foot.

They say if it look like a duck and talk. . . Well y’all know the rest

If you’re wondering why it’s back now, blame Tik tok! Tik Tok is reason for everything it seems. Nail techs started recreating the trend in 2021 & has been gaining popularity ever since.

Take a look at some duck shaped nails below.

Instagram/ @yanathevirgo
Instagram/ @lenaluxbeauty
Instagram @lovelyglamour
Instagram @sculptedbysariyha
Instagram @setzbysimmone
Instagram @nailsbykdxx
Instagram @tyjanaico

Now we’re a sucker for extravagant nails but this shape has to grow on us

Have you already tried this shape or will you be trying it?

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