Barbiecore Pink? One of the “Un-Fall” Like Colors Trending For Fall 2022

If “Un-fall” isn’t a word, it is now.

We’re always used to the typical fall colors, which are always dull and dusty.

You get the rusty oranges, swampy greens, muddy browns, and blackity blacks. Which, this may sound like I don’t like the fall season but it’s actually my favorite season. From the food to even the smell of the air, it’s just different. Everything just seems so calm, cool, & collected.

I’m a go with the flow kinda girl so I can adapt to whatever season and changes there may be.

With that being said I also love bright colors and vibrant situations too. So when I seen that bright colors were a “fall thing” this year. It made me . . .

Going against the grain and doing something unusual and different has always made my heart flutter. I love things that stand out, blame my Aquarius Rising! If you know, you know.

So Barbiecore pink. What is it?

The pinkest of the pinks. The one pink you think of when you think of a real “girly girl”. A barbie girl. The core of who barbie is. Hence the name barbiecore pink.

Take a look at some celebrities wearing the trend.

Majorie Harvey

When you see celebrities in a trend you know it’s about to be a thing but it might take some time for it to get to us “normal“ people. But when you see influencers in a trend then you know it’s time to “put that ish on” lol because now we can really relate.

So take a look at how barbiecore pink is making its way across Instagram.


So how are you coming this fall 2022. Are you sticking to old dusty fall. colors? Or are you trying something new like this Barbiecore pink. Drop down in the comments and let us know and don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated on all the things fashion, beauty, and lavish lifestyles.

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