Why Your Home Should Be Your Safe Haven | Leave It At The Door

Why Your Home Should Be Your Safe Haven | Leave It At The Door

They say home is where the heart is, but how true is that for you?

When you get home from a long day of hustle and bustle are you still hustling and bustling at home?

It feels like the grind never stops among all of the chaos and confusion that our life may hold. But what if the chaos and confusion could stop when you enter your door?

We tend to bring our problems into our home whether it’s from our job or whether it may be the problems from our close friends or love ones.

So for a second, stop right now and think about everything that’s going on in your life currently. Is there something that’s out of your control or are you trying to control it?

Did Sarah forget to attend a meeting that you scheduled, and now you feel like she’s going to be behind on whats new? Now you’re worried that she may not be updated on the new policies? Who’s problem is that really? Sounds like a Sarah problem.

Or perhaps you just had lunch with a friend and she spilled all of her relationship problems out to you, and now you find yourself at home thinking about it all night. It now sounds like their problems have became yours.

Of course its ok to there for a friend and sympathize with them, but it’s another thing if the problem has you in deep thought, as if it’s something that you can control.

This is why it’s so important to have a place of peace, which should be your home.

You’re probably thinking, “yea sure that sounds good, but what if I have a full house”? You can always make a bedroom, closet, or bathroom your safe haven.

Somewhere you can sit with yourself and relax, even if it may be for just 2 minutes. Make it a habit daily to make your home somewhere that brings you the peace need.

Studies show that if you rearrange or just change up the decor in the part of your home where you are the most, it makes a difference in how you feel. It’s a energy shifter, and if you didn’t know, yes everything on this earth is made up of energy, including you. So get the energy you desire flowing in the right way.

We found some house items that may contribute to keeping your space more peaceful.

A Diffuser

Diffusers help distribute essential oils into the air which helps to give a calming and great smelling ambience into your space.

Lucy Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalyan salt lamps help absorb any allergens or toxins in the air helping you to feel better and be at ease.

Salt Table Lamp Natural – Himalayan Glow


Greenery not only adds to the aesthetic of your home but also helps to boost mood & better circulate the oxygen in your home.

Faux Plants 11” Faux Eucalyptus Plant in Glass Pot (Set of 3)

We hope this brings a little more sense of peace to your space.

& remember to leave what’s not yours at the door.


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