Modern Day Pinch Plaits? | Find Out Where You Can Get Micro Knotless Braids

If you remember anything about the 2000’s, then you know that pinch plaits were the go to styles among many black girls. Those tiny tiny plaits saved a lot of time for mothers who had to do their daughters hair, which meant it also took quite awhile to do.

People would sit for 10+ hours to get the hair on their heads “pinched” in these little plaits for what would become a staple hairstyle in black beauty.

These plaits were often braided half way down with the ends either kept straight or in whatever curl pattern you’d choose, such as Beyonce’s hair pictured below.

Beyonce 2003

This hair trend was around for awhile until about 2006-ish, when people started to notice their hairlines were starting to recede, all from the tension being put on their edges from the tiny plaits.

Many other hairstyles started to pop up and grab ladies attention, so before you knew it pinch plaits were a thing of the past.

Fast forward to 2022 where we’ve started to see something similar emerge with the “knotless braid” wave.

We all know that braids have been around for ages, so braids are never a new thing, just a new technique. Knotless braids have taken the braiding industry by storm with their seamless look from regular box braids.

If you’re not familiar with the difference between regular box braids vs knotless braids, here’s what I mean.

Box braids
Knotless Braids

As you can see, the difference is the technique in how the braids are incorporated into the person’s hair. Everything changes with time, there is always an elevation or better way to do things with everything in life.

With that being said, it seems as if knotless braids have started to get even smaller. But how small is too small for you? Is this a play on the old school pinch plaits?

Take a look at the video by a well known braider from Philadelphia.

Instagram @_braidsbynayloft_

As well as some looks from braiders turning the old school plaits into a modern day style.


So what do you think about the “modern day pinch plaits”? Will they be better on the edges? Or is it a no for you?

Some say they don’t have patience to sit that long for the style and others just simply don’t want the stress in taking them out.

Which one are you? Drop down in the comments and let us know.

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