Top Christmas Nail Ideas For 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of year..they say. Get in the “Christmas Spirit”..they say.

Well ok.. yea sure..

The only way I get in the Christmas Spirit is to get my nails done.

We know Christmas nails need a little bit more razzle and dazzle compared to any other holiday nails.

If it doesn’t sparkle & shine, is it really even Christmas nails?

Your nails have to look perfect while opening all of your Christmas presents this year, so let’s look at some of the best Christmas nails we’ve came across so far for 2022.

And don’t expect to only see the typical red & green colors because this isn’t 1995. Who picked those as Christmas colors anyway?


Any shape & any length can rock any of these designs.

& Don’t forget to show your nail tech these designs at your next appointment. Have him or her to create their own designs from any of the pictures above, for a chance to be featured.


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